Have you ever spent money on a full spool of filament, only to find that the filament failed to meet your expectations?

What is Makerbox?

Maker Box is a service that provides you with a low cost method that allows you to try 4 filaments from different manufacturers every month. Try all the filaments without spending all the money.


Get introduced to some of the most unique and innovative filaments available.


Take the gamble out of trying new filaments without buying the entire spool.


Get exclusive discounted prices on the filaments you love.

We've always found that the best way to learn about new things is to learn by doing. In the 3D printing world, that typically means a large investment of time and money.

First you'll spend a ton of time researching to find what looks like the best filament for you and your projects - then you'll need to invest $30 or more to purchase the full spool of filament.

We know that some people like filament A while others prefer filament B. We want to help you find the filaments that you prefer.

We also understand that not all filaments are going to work great on all projects. Being able to test new filaments to see how they print before buying the full spool can save you an enormous amount of time and money.